3 Important Special Needs Laws You Need to Know

More often than not, students who have special needs require individually planned teaching techniques. Special education programs aim to not only help individuals develop academic skills, but also to help develop their personal skills in order to become able-bodied members of the local community. […]

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What Happens to Your Credit Card Accounts When You Declare Bankruptcy?

If you have accumulated a significant amount of debt in the past few years and have decided that declaring bankruptcy makes the most financial sense, you probably have no intention of amassing even more debt once the proceedings have ended. Most people who file for bankruptcy are committed to regaining their financial freedom, and as [...]

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4 Supportive Friends Every Special Needs Parent Should Have

Raising a child who has special needs is incredibly rewarding and emotionally fulfilling, but it also poses countless challenges that most parents do not face. Although you may feel alone when facing these hurdles, nothing could be further from the truth. […]

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What Is the Difference Between Exempt and Nonexempt Property?

Chapter 7 bankruptcy can be an effective financial tool for individuals who have accumulated more debt than they can pay back in a reasonable amount of time—or at all. Known as liquidation bankruptcy, chapter 7 requires debtors to sell certain assets in order to pay back a portion of their debt, and then it discharges [...]

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How Can I Help My Special Needs Child Make Friends?

All children can benefit from socializing with their peers, but it can be challenging for kids with special needs to bond with others. Sometimes they need a little guidance to foster meaningful relationships with children their own age. Fortunately, there are simple ways that parents can help. […]

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How Can I Make the Most of My Clean Financial Slate?

If you’re struggling to pay down debt that only seems to be increasing with every passing month, declaring bankruptcy could provide the fresh start that you desperately need. Since there are drawbacks to filing, though, it is essential that you make the most of your clean slate so you never find yourself in the same [...]

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How Can I Repair My Credit after Declaring Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy can be an effective financial tool for individuals who have accumulated more debt than they can reasonably pay off, but there are some drawbacks of filing. One of the biggest disadvantages of declaring bankruptcy is the effect that it will have on your credit; however, by making a few smart financial decisions, you can [...]

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How Long Will Bankruptcy Remain on My Credit Report?

Bankruptcy can be an effective financial tool for individuals who are facing an overwhelming amount of debt, but those who are thinking about filing should consider all of the drawbacks first. For example, having bankruptcy on your credit report can inhibit you from securing loans for a reasonable rate for several years after you file. [...]

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