Could Student Loans Become Dischargeable?

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A Bill currently in Committee to make Student Loans Dischargeable.  House of Representatives Member John Delaney, Representative for Maryland's 6th congressional district, Democrat, has authored a bill to allow Student Loans to be Dischargeable.  It is co-sponsored by John Larson from Connecticut.  At this time the Bill has been assigned to the Committee, and the [...]

Is the Means Test in Bankruptcy always applicable to Student Loans

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The 2005 Bankruptcy Reform Act’s “means test” for chapter 7 bankruptcy filers was weakened by a recent ruling from a Texas bankruptcy court.  Under this ruling, student loans incurred for the purpose of obtaining a professional degree to be used in business are not “consumer debts” under section 707(b) of the bankruptcy code.  This new [...]

The Able Act Passes – Part Two – Drawbacks

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As presented and reposted with permission of Yale Hauptman, Esq.    Last week I told you about the ABLE Act that was passed by Congress and signed by President Obama just before the Christmas holiday.  It sounds great, allowing disabled individuals to set up savings accounts, similar to a 529 plan, without losing government benefits.  [...]

The Able Act Passes – Part One

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As Presented and Re-Posted with Permission of Yale Hauptman, Esq. Just before the Christmas holiday break, Congress passed, and then President Obama signed into law, the Achieving a Better Life Experience Act (“the ABLE” Act).  The ABLE Act allows people with disabilities to open special accounts, similar to 529 college savings plans.       [...]

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