We’re Here to Help You Take Action Against Disability Discrimination

Federal laws such as The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, and The Americans with Disabilities Act were put in place to protect people with disabilities – including school children. But despite these laws mandating fair treatment for public school children with disabilities, progress in overcoming disability discrimination [...]

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Sears’ Doesn’t Think Bankruptcy is the End – There’s Hope for You Too!

Under the weight of new retail superstars like Walmart and Amazon, Sears was forced to take a path last month that no business – or individual – would plan on. The Houston Chronicle reports that Sears – once the world’s largest department store chain – “filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy in federal court in New [...]

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What Filing for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Won’t Change

Though often a last resort, filing for bankruptcy may seem like not only a fresh start, but a breath of fresh air. After all, who doesn’t want their debts erased? And while there are many ways that declaring Chapter 7 bankruptcy can be a good solution to overwhelming debt and your second chance at financial [...]

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How to Fight for the Educational Rights that Your Special Needs Child Deserves

With recent threats from a local school board to sue the New Jersey State Commissioner of Education because of cuts to school funding, we’re reminded of the importance of understanding the rights that parents and teachers have when it comes to the education of special needs children. The Brick Township Public School board is suing [...]

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10 Things to Avoid in Your Child’s Next IEP Meeting

NEW JERSEY. Your child’s IEP meeting can be incredibly stressful, even if you have been attending these meetings for many years. It is easy to be overwhelmed by the number of professional educators in the room and by the sheer quantity of information they may have on hand about your child’s progress. The best thing [...]

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Can You Get a Mortgage After Bankruptcy?

NEW JERSEY. Bankruptcy can affect your creditworthiness in many ways. It can impact your ability to get a credit card, to purchase a car, and to receive a mortgage approval. However, bankruptcy is also a legal option designed to help individuals get a fresh start. The advice of a qualified bankruptcy attorney, such as Stuart [...]

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Getting an IEP for Your Child and When to Seek the Counsel of a Special Needs Lawyer

NEW JERSEY. If your child has autism or special needs, he or she may be entitled to receive additional accommodations from his or her school. In order to secure additional accommodations in school for your special needs child, you’ll need to develop an IEP, or Individualized Education Program. According to Kids Health, parents may sometimes [...]

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How to Prepare for Your Child’s IEP Meeting

NEW JERSEY. If your child has been deemed eligible to receive special education services, an IEP meeting will be held to determine your child’s educational plan. IEP refers to Individualized Educational Program. According to Very Well Mind, an IEP is a legal document that teachers, counselors, and administrators will develop to determine the services your [...]

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Bankruptcy Mistakes You Do Not Want to Make

Choosing to file for bankruptcy is a big step and one you must take with caution. Not only is it important that you discuss the pros as well as the cons associated with filing for bankruptcy with a qualified attorney, but there some things you won’t want to do if you are planning on filing. [...]

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What Happens After I File for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

If you recently filed a petition for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy in the state of New Jersey, it is important that you completed the required credit counseling from an approved counseling agency. If you haven’t yet filed your petition, it is vital that you complete this counseling 180 days before you intend to file your [...]

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