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Ensuring Your Special Needs Child Receives the Care They Need

By |2018-04-19T15:18:12+00:00April 19th, 2018|Special Education, Special Needs Law|

Do you have questions or concerns about your special needs child’s education? Are you wondering if they are receiving the appropriate level of support from the school system? Are you in need of an attorney to discuss the situation with, to ensure all aspects of your child’s education are being met legally? If so, working [...]

How Do I Know if I Need an Attorney for my Special Needs Child’s Education?

By |2018-02-02T19:42:01+00:00February 2nd, 2018|Special Education|

Determining whether or not an attorney is necessary for your child’s special education needs is a decision of great importance and should not to be taken lightly. Legal representation depends on the situation you, as a parent, face with regards to the type of special education your child needs and why such needs are not [...]

How a Lawyer can Help Advocate for Your Child’s IEP

By |2018-02-02T19:41:33+00:00February 2nd, 2018|Special Education|

Supporting a child with special needs requires a lot from parents, and one of the most important aspects of their duty is often to advocate for their children to ensure they are happy and thriving in an environment that is suited to their needs. This is one of the hardest roles a parent of a [...]

How Can I Help My Special Needs Child Make Friends?

By |2017-08-31T20:42:38+00:00August 29th, 2017|Special Education, Special Needs Law|

All children can benefit from socializing with their peers, but it can be challenging for kids with special needs to bond with others. Sometimes they need a little guidance to foster meaningful relationships with children their own age. Fortunately, there are simple ways that parents can help. […]

Special Education to See Rise in Federal Funding

By |2017-08-31T20:42:39+00:00May 9th, 2017|Special Education, Special Needs Law|

In an effort to avoid a government shutdown, a $1 trillion bipartisan agreement has been proposed to Congress that would fund the government through September. The agreement includes a $90 million increase in grants to states under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). […]

What Information Should My Child’s IEP Include?

By |2017-08-31T20:42:39+00:00April 24th, 2017|Special Education, Special Needs Law|

An Individualized Education Program (IEP) is a document that details a child’s special education needs and goals. Every child who is enrolled in a special education program must have an IEP. […]

What If a Child Has Special Needs and the Parents Do Not Agree with the Individualized Education Program?

By |2017-08-31T20:42:39+00:00February 27th, 2017|Special Education|

Schools in the United States are required to make reasonable accommodations for children with special needs to ensure they receive the same quality of education as other kids. Children who qualify for services under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) may be entitled to physical therapy, language and speech therapy, occupational therapy, and an [...]

Credit for Caring Act of 2016

By |2016-03-14T12:26:45+00:00March 14th, 2016|Special Education, Special Needs Law|

A New Bill has been proposed which would provide some tax credits for Parents and others who provide care for people with disabilities. Under H.R.4708, Parents and others who provide care for people with disabilities could be eligible for a tax credit under a new proposal. A bill introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives [...]

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